Here are my resolutions. I decided to make this a shorter post than the last two. I got lost in thought and kept writing…I applaud those who read them through.

In no particular order:

Blog – I realize the power of blogging and the power of an online presence. Yes, posting pictures is fun and I do it, but I love it when the people I follow online also write. I’ve always been skeptical because I wonder why does someone care about my life, but I care about the people whose blogs I read enough to read what they have to say so here I am giving it a shot. I also spoke with a blogger whom I admire (she’s a lifestyle photographer) and she got work through her blog and online presence.

Exercise – I got into exercising about a year ago and sustained it fairly well until this past November when work just took over my life. My goal this year is to exercise at least 3 days/week. The biggest challenge will be when work gets really busy but I am determined.

Weddings – Shoot 10 weddings. I currently have 3 already, so 7 more to go. The goal though is not to include assisting in those weddings, but to be either the 2nd or 3rd shooter.

Saving – Commit to putting away $20 every week. It’s a small amount but it’s the discipline of saving that I am working on.

This was take when I went to China in January 2008. My brother and I got to play with panda bears and it was amazing.