Happy New Years everyone!

It freaks me out how we are getting further and further away from the turn of the millennium. For some reason, I feel like 2000 happened three or four years ago…not fifteen. In 2000 I was in the single digits, 8 to be exact. I realize 8 is a long ways away from 22/23 but 2000 still feels more recent than being 8.

This New Year, I am physically where I was last year…in Texas hanging out at my boyfriend’s house. The major change around the house from last year though is that the cats that were around then are no longer currently around (sadface) but we bought a new cat to the home and it has made itself quite at home.

Mentally, I am in a completely different mindset. Last year at this time, I was completely distraught over my review from school. Review Boards are like finals for art kids. We work all semester for this 20-minute critique from three professors and a guest. It is such an intense, stressful, nerve-racking, amazing time that I miss but am glad I am done with.

My review was right after lunch, which is good and bad. Good because everyone has had a break to refresh and rejuvenate, bad because everyone is in a food coma. My review began and ended in one fell swoop. Silence was king and I left feeling sad, frustrated, and annoyed. That night, the senior class went out for dinner and drinks. We all let off steam – talking about each other’s reviews, about being seniors, about vacation. It was really the first/only/and last time the senior class all went out but it was nice. The next morning my boyfriend and I set off for the 1,800 mile drive to Texas.

This year, I am reminiscent and hopeful. Reminiscent of everything that happened between that Fall review and now, hopeful for everything I have in the works. I use to feel like every year brought on a new me, maybe because I was constantly reinventing myself through my clothing (or so I thought I was) but thinking back a year ago, I feel like the same me but just in a new phase of life.

To summarize what I’ve done this year I bring you this list (better and more revised than my previous post:

·      I visited and stayed in10 states between May and August (AZ, CA, CO, ME, NH, NM, NV, TX, UT, VT)

·      I met Mrs. Fields of Mrs. Fields Cookies (I will dig into my iPhone archives for the photo of us HOLDING her)

·      I got to take a class with Jen Davis [hyperlink] at Anderson Ranch (in CO which is where I met Mrs. Fields). It was such an amazing experience. You can see what I did there here.

·      I went to Las Vegas for the first time and thought about Ocean’s Eleven when I was watching the fountains at the Bellagio. I also gambled with $10 and lost it all.

·      I graduated with Departmental Honors, a goal I had since I was a Freshman and heard about it

·      I worked at 8 weddings which came with looking at thousands of photos

·      I got my first photography job and wrote my first contract

I figured this post is long enough and I applaud you if you made it this far. I’ll put my resolutions in the next post 😛

These two pictures are the final two images of my senior thesis project called, Little China. I joke that the picture on the right is my peak picture. MassArt used it (without my knowledge until my friend tagged me in their instagram post). Follow me on instagram!