Snow Day 2

Happy snow day number two! Read about yesterday’s snow day here. This is one a bit sunnier and less dramatic but it’s still great to be home relaxing. Yesterday afternoon I finally organized my hard drives. I found a few old pictures from the beautiful morning light from my Mission Hill bedroom. I lived in Mission Hill for three of the four years of college – sophomore, junior, senior. It was a miracle that I stayed in one apartment for three years and because of that I have a nice small collection of the different light that came onto my bedroom wall.

I love the idea of taking pictures in the same place overtime and I wish I were more consistent with that in my Mission Hill apartment. Nonetheless, I like the small collection I have.

Camera Notes (from left to right top to bottom): iPhone 4, iPhone 4, Hasselblad 120mm color film, Tachihara Large Format 4×5 color film, Tachihara Large Format 4×5 color film, Tachihara Large Format 4×5 color film