Reflections on Vacation

This is my second winter vacation in Texas and it’s just as nice as it was last year. These past two Falls have been insane – last Fall because it was the beginning of my senior year, this Fall because I picked up a mall-job and one word: Christmas.

Here in Texas, I am fortunate enough to feel as comfortable as I do at my own parent’s house. For those of you who don’t know, my boyfriend’s (Nick) parents live in Denton, TX, which is about an hour north of Dallas. I have provided a map for the more visually driven people, like myself.

In Nick’s parents house, everything is soft – soft colors, soft furniture, soft carpet. There are also bountiful amounts of food – candy, chips, soda, iced tea. It’s basically the ideal spot to be lazy and eat. It is perfect for vacation though I am thankful to come home when the time comes. As some character said in a commercial for Thicker Than Water (some Bravo reality show) “you never feel sexy in your parents house”. That is a very true statement. I have only worn jeans once for the past two weeks – the occasion was going out to eat which was a two-hour commitment after which we changed immediately back into sweats.

I am sad to be leaving vacation mode but that’s mainly because I hate transitioning between downtime and work time.

Did I mention we are driving back? Yes…that’s right. Driving. That is about 1,800 miles though the route we are planning to take will add a couple hundred miles so I can add more states to my list of “States I Have Been To”. So far, I have been to 26. Only 24 more to go!

  One of my favorite images: Ansel Adams photographing in Yosemite National Park.    One of my favorite images: Ansel Adams photographing in Yosemite National Park.

PS – While last year was my last winter break, I’ve been able to draw it out one more year because of Nick. Tonight Nick just realized this is his last winter break. Eek!