Day 2

13 hours of driving and 670 miles later we have made it to Greenfield, Indianapolis. It was a pretty good ride and I was able to add Oklahoma Kansas, Missouri, and Indianapolis to my “States I Have Been To” list.

Highlights of the trip today included:

  • watching cows run after a feed truck
  • driving through the ghost town of Picher, Oklahoma where everyone evacuated because of toxic mining tailings
  • driving through Joplin, Missouri where a 2011 tornado came through and left an entire area without trees and now new housing
  • seeing St. Louis for the first time

One of the scarier parts of the day was driving through the snowstorm that began as we entered Indianapolis. The snow was light and barely sticking but because of that, whenever a truck passed (which was a lot), it would kick up a dust of snow that made it basically impossible to see. We persevered though and made it safely to the other side of Indianapolis.

  Our progress so far   Our progress so far   St. Louis   St. Louis   Nick and the St. Louis Arch   Nick and the St. Louis Arch