48 Hours in Carlisle: Thoughts on Working from Home

For the past 27 hours I have been house-sitting/dog-sitting/working. I work for a wedding photographer doing postproduction work, assisting, and a slew of other things. Her office is attached to her house so there is a blend between business and personal life that exists. It generally remains separate except for instances like today where she needed someone to watch her dog while her entire family is out of town.

Working and spending the night here is giving me a sense of what working from home and having a dog is like. These are two things I aspire to so I am not complaining. There are a couple of things that feel distinctly different from just coming to work every day. First thing, no commute! Woohoo! I think having little to no commute is appealing to most, even if you have no desire to work from home. Second thing, there’s no around to make sure you’re actually doing work. This is the one that took the most adjusting to and made me realize how important self-discipline is. Not going to lie, last night I was thinking “What if I just lay in bed all day and didn’t do anything? No one would be around to see”. I quickly dismissed that thought thinking of the work I was expected to do. That expectation, for me, is what motivates working from home. While none of the work I am doing is urgent, there is an understanding that I’ll have something to show for Monday morning.

Taking care of a dog usually would require a bit more work but caring for this one is pretty easy. She’s a beautiful old greyhound who is lethargic and loving. I do have to actively remember to feed her and take her for her walks but that’s what it takes to have a dog.

All in all, good experience. I do miss human interaction so I am looking forward to spending tomorrow night at my parents.

Appropriately enough, these pictures below were taken when I lived in Carlisle Freshman year in college.

Front Yard, 2010 Front Yard, 2010 Isolated House, 2010 Isolated House, 2010 Home, 2010 Home, 2010

I also completely forgot to mention that I grew up in the town where I work now. It probably says something that I’m thinking of it now. I weirdly don’t feel very sentimental towards Carlisle but maybe that is because I haven’t really broken away from it yet. My mom did find is humorous that I’m staying in Carlisle but not at our house. Ha ha mom. But really, it is kind of ironic.