After a delayed start, rush hour, and a couple of fevers, we finally made it to Montreal! We decided to take this trip with our friend, Xiao Xiao, after she had told us she had never been. Montreal was a part of the first trip Nick and I ever took together. Only a few months into our relationship, Nick asked me if I wanted to go on a road trip to Canada. I said yes and we drove to Quebec and then Montreal on the way back. Whenever I think back on the trip, I can’t believe I went on a vacation with someone I had known for only a few months. I’m glad I did though 🙂

This time around I am sick and we barely have any time to do anything. Still, are making the best of the time we have. We got in about 11:30pm last night. Today, we went to visit the Notre-Dame Basilica. I am not religious at all and don’t visit churches but this was incredible. Every inch of the place had so much detail. I just thought about all the craftsmanship that went into the place.

After the Basilica we went to the gay district and ate at a place called, Saloon. It was pricey but really good. The worst thing about traveling and being sick is the lack of appetite. Seriously. Nick and I put a big emphasis on food, especially when we travel, and the fact that I am not hungry nor can really taste anything kind of sucks.

On our way back to the hotel, the cold air really began to catch up with me. My chest began hurting and I felt as if the cold air was just entering my lungs and not leaving. Not comfortable. I decided to stay in the hotel while Nick and Xiao Xiao explored Parc du Mont-Royal.

Oh yeah, Canadian money is so beautiful…I wish American money was more interesting than green paper.