I feel like a grizzly bear hibernating waiting for things to pick up again. Work is slow. I’m slow at posting to the blog. Everything is slow.

At the wedding studio, we have things to work on but it’s a lot of waiting for clients to get back to us. For my own second shooting, I have been meeting with photographers but now is the time when schedules and summers are being planned so things come in slowly. The only place that isn’t slow right now is the portrait studio.  It’s less than a month until Easter and it is as crowded as it was for Christmas. I’m sure most of the reason though is because we have live bunnies and everyone wants pictures with them.

One more month and then on the busier times (hopefully). I should be grateful though and embrace the time to relax. Oh yeah, and Happy Spring? On this snowy and wet day.

photo found on Google Images photo found on Google Images “cute hibernating bear”