Thoughts While Flying

8:54PM. Current whereabouts: on an airplane sitting in the middle seat of the 27th row on my way to Cancun. It’s such a cliché to be going to Cancun for Spring Break but why not have the life experience.

Today has been a fairly easy travel day relative to what it could have been. When we booked the flights I was too scared to even think about the possibility of snow and cancellations but thankfully we have not run into any problems. The most stressful part of the day was making our transfer in Chicago. Yes…Chicago. Instead of being efficient and having a layover in Texas or Florida, we flew west before flying south. In other words: we are at almost the same latitude as we were in Boston but three hours later.

I used to enjoy flying on planes and thought they were such an enigma. Whenever we took off and landed I would also stare out the window, fascinated by how the plane hoisted itself into the air. I still find it pretty incredible but about ten minutes into flight I am ready to land.

Flying makes me, in order of thought process, wish I wasn’t there and reflect on how big the planet is. I think about the incredible distance being covered and the speed of the airplane. I try to imagine what it would be like to never have flown and what the perception of world was before flight.

Being in an airplane is like being in vacuum of time and existence. You walk into the airplane at one location and walk out in another. You barely move from your seat and you have zero personal space. I think that’s why I like driving better. With driving, I am there powering the vehicle and I am in the landscape watching it pass. An airplane provides an incredible viewpoint but it’s removed and through a window (which is for good reason but still). I have no say in what I see or how I see it. Flying enables for much more efficient travel and for flying across the ocean. Internationally, I have been to Canada (barely counts), the Caribbean, China (born there and visited years later), and soon Mexico. If I were to drive to three of the four places, it would have taken days, maybe weeks and probably would have involved taking a boat. So while I prefer driving, flying is a necessary evil.

I can’t wait to get off this plane.