Oh Yeah, I’m in Cancun!

I realize in my previous post about being on an airplane, I never actually said where I was going. Well I am in Cancun!

I don’t really think about climate when I pick a place to visit so when leaving the airport I was not thinking about the humidity and heat, which is completely opposite from where we were coming from. I have adjusted pretty quickly however and I am embracing sweating.

The vacation thus far has consisted of swimming, tanning, drinking, sleeping, and eating. It is such a wonderful feeling to be out in the sun for half the day and then come back to the hotel room and take a long deep nap.

The beach waves have been pretty choppy so I am sad to report we have not swam in it yet. We have however lounged on the beach under adorable umbrella-huts. Leaving the beach today we got brought into a pick-up volleyball game. It was so much fun and it was great to be able to talk with other people. I didn’t completely embarrass myself so thanks high school for that volleyball unit.

I haven’t been on a tropical vacation since I was ten and went to the Caribbean with my family. I don’t remember much, sorry mom and dad, but I do remember the bathtub-temperature ocean. The ocean here isn’t that warm but it’s a lot better than Maine.