Goodbye Cancun

All good things must come to an end.

Current whereabouts: sitting in the Starbucks airport pre-security. Sweating. There are lots of people and lots of humidity. I am sad to be leaving but also ready to go home. I always enjoy vacation but I never feel quite as comfortable as I am when I am home. Maybe it is because here, I don’t have use of my cell phone so I feel less independent.

The recent two days have been filled with sun, activity, and illness. For the first time, Nick is the one who is sick and not me! Now we have both been sick on trips. On Wednesday we went to this nature/water park called Xel-Ha. At the park, we snorkeled, saw Dolphins, saw Manatees, rode under a canopy of water trees, ate and walked around. It was a long day and I was sad to not be able to have my midday nap but it was worth it.

The smartest idea Nick had was to rent a car. It ended up being significantly cheaper than having to get a ride to the park and back, which is about an hour and a half away from the hotel. Having a car also enabled us a lot more freedom. The next day, we drove around Cancun and actually were able to explore beyond the walls of our hotel. We went and rented jet skis which were a lot of fun. I love going fast but driving the Jet Ski and feeling the wind-resistance made me drive slower than if I were in a car. Later in the day, we went parasailing which was incredible. We shared the boat with a nice couple from Idaho. On our way to the parasailing boat, we passed by a party boat with almost-naked dancing guys; it was amusing but I was glad to only be a passerby.

That evening, Nick researched fancy restaurants for a nice last dinner. Halfway through the meal, we realized that we were at the wrong restaurant and the one we wanted was next door. The restaurant’s names were so similar to each other that the only tip-off (which is a pretty big one but I didn’t say anything at the time) was the atmosphere. It was an all right meal and we ended up paying about half of what we would have been paying if went next door.

Travel days always feel so long and tiresome even though you’re sitting for the majority of it. Hopefully I’ll get a nap in somewhere.