Spontaneous Spring Getaway

Spontaneous trips are sometimes the best kind of trips. From Thursday evening to mid-afternoon today, Nick and I were at Williamstown, MA, home to Williams College, Nick’s alma mater. This is the third or fourth time we’ve been and it’s becoming a place we both enjoy escaping to.

Williamstown is a beautiful town and though I am sick and Nick had to work on a paper, we made the best of it. We hit up the local coffee shop, Tunnel City and ate at the surrounding restaurants. At around 10:30 last night, when Nick finished his paper, we went to get pizza at his favorite place when he was a student. Little did I know that this place was on campus and when we talked in I felt like an intruder. Luckily I can easily pass as a student.

We stayed in a little motel that was just a few miles away from campus. I like motels because I like having the car right out front.

It’s nice to getaway and change things up for a little while – until next time.

I brought my camera with the intention of taking lots of interesting pictures! Alas, I didn’t so the following pictures are from my iPhone. Some of these are also on my instagram.