Yesterday, we officially adopted Reuben. He is a Holland (Mini) Lop and was born on January 21, 2015. Since Christmas, I have been working at a portrait studio in the Natick Mall called Portrait Simple. For Easter season, we bring in live bunnies for children and families to be photographed with. At the end of the season, they have to get adopted. We visited the studio when Reuben was first dropped off. He was adorable and I wanted him immediately. I decided though that it was better off I didn’t. A few months pass after working with him and he is still my favorite bunny. A family had decided to adopt him and I was sad but relieved that he was going to somewhere. I jokingly said that I hope the family back outs so I can take him. Low and behold, later that day, my boss texts me telling me just that. I realized I couldn’t pass Reuben up a second time and officially decided to adopt him!

Reuben is the first animal/pet I have EVER had. Growing up, my dad was allergic to dogs and cats. My brother had a fish named Duke Nukem, but that doesn’t count.

I am beyond excited but it’s daunting/cool/weird to think Reuben will be in my life for the next 9 years.

Here are some of the pictures we took yesterday at Portrait Simple!