Boston Marathon

Yesterday was Marathon Monday for the 2015 Boston Marathon. Every year, this event brings thousands of runners and spectators. This is the first time I ever acknowledged the race let alone watched it. Nick’s friend lives right on the route and graciously invited everyone over to watch. I figured we would be watching off the TV but it ended up being much better than that. They had set up a tent along the side of the route and we just made it to see the elite men go by. It was incredibly exhilarating and I really felt like a Bostonian.

Once more people showed up, we began drinking and grilling. Nick and I brought homemade paddies and ingredients to make our favorite mixed drink, Paloma. Thanks to the alcohol, the cold and rain didn’t bother me. I commend all the runners who were able to withstand those weather conditions. Just the act of standing in that weather for four hours left me completely drained and tired.

Cheering on the runners was so fun and inspirational. I felt like I was at a sporting event, yelling from the sidelines. A lot of the runners appreciated the moral support which was made me feel like I was actually helping. I have the utmost respect for people who are able to run a marathon and for the people who are able to raise the money for charity. The Boston Marathon is a great event that celebrates athleticism and resilience.