I Love Bags

For those of you who don’t know me, I love bags. One of my favorite books growing up was Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse. The story is about a mouse named Lilly who brings in her favorite purple plastic purse full of fun things for show-and-tell. There are a few morals and lessons to be had but I was more focused on the purse and the stuff inside the purse.

Since I started buying things, bags have always been a priority. I can probably say in my lifetime so far, I have bought a hundred bags. Only one or two however have actually stayed with me through the years because I continually purge. Nowadays, I have been (trying to be) much more selective in what I buy so instead of buying four bags that I kind-of like, I invest in one bag that I love.

This brings me to my newest bag, as of a few hours ago. I found this company on this blog that I follow. I immediately loved how streamline and classic their bags were.

Cuyana’s mantra is “Fewer, Better Things”. They believe in owning high quality things that last. I have always believed in this but only recently have really begun implementing it.

I have been buying bags all my life but I always knew I was searching for the one bag that would end all other bags. Two years ago, I found the one for a small purse. I was looking for a small bag that would be able to hold the essentials while looking stylish and being functional and easy. When I found it, it felt like I finally won and I haven’t bought another small bag since.

My next task was to find a tote bag that would be the one. I didn’t look very hard for a while because I was doing fine without one. In the past few months though, I have found myself needing to carry around more things (particularly for work) so I began looking around. I remembered Cuyana and instantly feel back in love with their products. I sucked up the money and confidence and bought their Soft Leather Tote (Short). I am so happy that I did. It is such a simple design and so beautifully crafted. I am obsessed with leather and absolutely love the quality of this leather. The size of the bag is also perfect – it can carry a large notebook and my other things without feeling oversized and cumbersome.

Additionally, I splurged on their Travel Case Set. Expensive, I know, but toiletries have never looked so elegant.

My dad always teases me that I can’t go more than a month without buying a bag. Hopefully I am set for a while…though there are some camera bags I’ve been looking at…

Soft Leather Tote (Short) Soft Leather Tote (Short)

Travel Case Set Travel Case Set