Trip Out West

For those of you who don’t know, my boyfriend Nick is graduating from law school next week so in celebration of that, we along with Nick’s parents have taken a trip to Yellowstone National Park and Denver, Colorado.

We flew into Denver yesterday at around 8pm (Mountain Time) and drove a couple hundred miles North to get us closer to Yellowstone. Today, on our way, we stopped at Grand Teton National Park which was incredible. The mountains were so beautiful and covered in snow. They reminded me of the Swiss Alps.

We are staying in West Yellowstone, Montana so we headed there next. The ride was incredible and on our way we saw Buffalo and a mama-bear and her cub. Unfortunately, the bears were far away and I only am working with a 35mm lens this trip so I wasn’t able to get any good pictures worth sharing.

I did however get to add Wyoming and Montana to my States I’ve Been To list.

One of my favorite things being in the mountains is how quickly the weather changes, there will be rain for 20 minutes then perfectly clear skies the next. Since the area we traveled through today was so flat, we could see these storm systems way off in the distance.