Cute Cabin in the Woods

When we were planning our trip, Nick had the idea of staying in a cabin near Yellowstone versus staying in a nearby hotel. It seemed like a good idea and reflecting back on it, it was the second best decision we made, the first being going to Yellowstone. We used this site Flipkey which has vacation rentals all over and ended up at this perfect little cabin in West Yellowstone, MT, only a fifteen minute drive from the west entrance of the park.

The cabin is completely furnished and decorated with wonderful woods-themed memorabilia. It slept the four of us very comfortably and had laundry machines. There was a full kitchen outfitted with everything you’d need to cook. We took full advantage of that and grilled every night and baked cookies! The cabin is in this small neighborhood of other cabins. It’s 7 miles down the road from the town which has everything you’d need. When we went into town to get groceries, I was skeptical of the store but it had everything we needed in a much smaller amount of space compared to the Stop & Shops at home.

If anyone were planning on staying in the area for more an extended amount of time, I would highly recommend this cabin or something like it. It really feels like a home away from home and I love the cozy feeling that comes with being in log cabins.