Last Day in Yellowstone

Sadly today is our last day at Yellowstone. It’s been a fairly relaxed day which is nice because the next few days are going to be packed with more traveling before coming home. We had scheduled a horseback riding tour this afternoon so in the morning we headed out to try and fish beforehand. The guy at the fishing shop however kindly let us know that as beginners we would have a horrible time unless we sign up with a tour. Instead, he pointed us to Messa Falls down the road. Messa Falls turned out to be a beautiful hidden gem where we were able to get right up close to the falls.

We then headed to the horseback-riding. After driving down a dirt road in the middle of Idaho for a few miles, we called and asked for assistance to the place. She gave us vague directions that led us around in circles until the time had passed for the tour. Disappointed, we started back to our cabin but then on the side of the road there was a moose! It was a female moose that was very calm and just stared at us. I can now leave Yellowstone feeling like I’ve seen everything (even though in reality I’ve seen only a fraction of it and even though I was in Idaho when I saw the moose).

Oh yeah, Idaho can now be added to my States I’ve Been To list.