Last Days

Yesterday was our last full day of our travels. Thanks to the receptionist at our hotel, we woke up at 6am and headed towards Arches National Park to avoid the crowds. Our first destination in the park was Delicate Arch, a freestanding arch that’s a 3-mile hike from the nearest parking lot. It was really refreshing to have to hike to the attraction instead of just pulling up to it in a car. It felt like I had to work to see the beauty and man was it worth it.

I used to be hesitant towards traveling because I could just look at pictures but I am learning that pictures do not do places like this justice. The feeling of walking around the corner and being in the presence of such beauty is truly humbling. Since we were there so early there were not tons of people which was a huge relief. There was a feeling of respect and quietness I felt and embraced – people were taking the turns taking pictures under the arch and I only saw one selfie stick!

After Delicate Arch we went to Landscape Arch. Spanning 290 feet long, Landscape Arch is the longest arch in the world. It was another hike but a bit shorter and easier. I can’t imagine being the first people to have happened upon the arch. It fit in with the rock around it but was so elegant and graceful looking.

We then headed out of the park and to Breckenridge, Colorado where we stayed in this adorable lodge. Interstate-70 to Breckenridge was beautiful and diverse. We went form desert to mountains in a matter of hours. The interstate went with the mountains as we climbed up the range. We passed all these ski towns that I’ve only heard of. Even though it was the off season I could easily imagine how crowded they get.

The Loge, where we stayed the night, was built onto the side of a mountain where we were able to get a sweeping view of the mountains from our room and from the restaurant. They had a hot tub that we used which was amazing. Since it was so cold outside the heat was a perfect balance. From the hot tub, we watched as the weather changed all around us.

This morning, we drove to Denver where we’ve been exploring and hanging out. We walked around 16th Street which is a pedestrian only street with lots of shops and restaurants. We ate sushi was this good restaurant called Blue Sushi Sake Grill. It was clearly a restaurant that mostly business people ate at for lunch but it was neat to see the business attire for Denver, which is a lot more casual than Boston.

Now I’m sitting in a Starbucks on a stool writing this wishing I had chosen a table to sit at. I’m a slave to electricity and needed to charge my phone desperately. We fly back to Boston tonight and I start up work right again tomorrow. It will be good to work though I will miss the mountains.