My friends and I have a started a book club between the three of us. We have just completed the first in what I hope to be many to come. What book is this you ask?

The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood.

How fitting for three women who are such close friends.

When they were children Vivi and her three best friends created the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, which remained in full tact through their entire adulthood.

The story opens with, Sidda, a 40-year-old play write whose mother, Vivi, has just disowned her for the way Sidda talked about her in an interview. This failed relationship and her unsure feelings towards her upcoming wedding inspire her to escape to a cabin in the Northwest to think. While there, her mother sends a scrapbook of memories from the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, which allows Sidda to learn how about her mother in an entirely new way.

The book was really good and something I would’ve have picked out myself. Sidda spends the majority of the books in flashbacks which I am skeptical of as a literary tactic but it worked in this instance and contributed to the overall lesson of the book: understanding that you can’t fully understand someone and accepting that.

It also for me goes back to this core idea that I’ve been trying to implement in my own life, which is being in the present, or mindfulness. Mindfulness feels like it has become a loaded word but it’s the best word I have right now. In the end of the book, Sidda isn’t worrying about the past and isn’t worrying about the future, she is in the present with her mom and just enjoying her company right then and there. I think we all, me definitely included, should take time to experience and appreciate what is going on right now.