I’ve been 23 for almost a week and I still feel split between being a kid and being an adult – well maybe not split, more like 80% adult, 20% kid. Things that fall into “kid” category: not knowing what I’m doing (in the grand scheme of things), still having my parents help me out. Things that fall into “adult” category: trying to find my way in the freelance world while currently trying to find a new apartment while currently having to schedule neutering for my bunny who has recently become an angsty teenager.

I have always felt 5 years older than my actual age and I don’t say that to sound arrogant but to shine light on the fact that I’m impatient and think that I should be there when I should be in the now. Things to work on.

Here are my goals for my 23rd year of life:

·      Get another animal (cat or dog or both!)

·      Transition so that 70% of my income is from my own freelance work

·      Set up a retirement fund (talk about thinking in the future)

·      Book three weddings of my own

Below, a random collection of images.

[1] Reuben

[2] a night shot from a wedding with Gabby Riggieri

[3] an adorable Pooh card my mom gave my dad for their anniversary