This past week (more like month) has been so packed with work that only now have I had a chance to sit and relax/catch up on everything. The fact that I’m driving around everywhere doing different things feels like the start to being a freelancer. It isn’t so bad, despite the many complaints I can come up with. I like to keep track of how many miles I drive each month and right now I’m at 1,3000 miles for August. Still got a week and a half of the month left and a trip to VT for a wedding at the end of the month. Maybe I’ll hit 1,400 or even 1,500!

To keep the car rides entertaining and educational, I’ve turned to podcasts and audio books. I recently finished listening to Primates of Park Avenue. It was essentially the reality shows I watch but in book form. It was entertaining but I made sure to take the entire book with a grain of salt since the author came under fire for making up a handful of the stories after having claimed this was a memoir. I’m now onto Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari. I’ve never really followed him as a comedian/actor but I may start to. He’s the author and reader of the book, which is great. Part of my problem with audio books is finding a reader who doesn’t put me to sleep. He sure doesn’t and the content of his book is surprisingly interesting and intriguing.

I’ve got about four weddings to look through and edit (luckily on my own time since no one is waiting for them) which I am excited for. My new project to tackle is finding an editing style I like so moving forward, my website images can look more consistent. Stay tuned!

Below are a couple shots from Gabby and I’s trip back from the Vermont wedding we did on Saturday.