It’s Fall!

It’s been a crazy couple months but I’m finally feeling like things are stabilizing. At the end of last month, Reuben died. I’m lucky that this was one of the most devastating things I’ve experienced but that knowledge definitely didn’t help the day of. When I got the news I thought the vet was joking. I left work early and cried the entire rest of the day.

That weekend, I had a double-wedding-weekend where I assisted on Friday and then drove to Vermont for a wedding I was shooting as lead. It was a busy weekend which distracted me from the grieving. I think I still am grieving but it’s nothing like those first two days.

The Monday and Tuesday after all this was moving day! Moving is just unpleasant overall, even if you are excited about the new place.  We moved as efficiently as possible. I think it was good and bad timing in relation to Reuben – good in that we were leaving the home he lived in, bad because it was a lot to do on top of dealing with his death.

Since the move I’ve been nesting like crazy. This is the first apartment where I have complete control over the “look” (Nick for the most part agrees with my decisions). It’s great but also stressful – what do I want?!

With everything moving nonstop, it was only yesterday that I realized that we were more than halfway through September. I reminded myself that this is the time of year I love the most and to slow down and live in the moment. Yes, there is a lot of plan for but there is also a lot going on now and the Fall has the best weather!

Here are some pictures from Stowe, VT where Gabby and I explored after the wedding in Jeffersonville.