Annual Trip to TX

It’s kind of weird to think that this year marks the third year that I’ve (we’ve) gone to Texas for Christmas. Tradition is a weird thing. Everyone grows up with them one way or another and whether they like them or not. I’m realizing that I’m beginning to create my own traditions and while they are predictable and safe, I find myself enjoying that comfort.

The first year we went, I was a senior in college and we drove down like we are this year. We both enjoy driving but this year the motivation is more because his inspection sticker needs to get updated and less because we are thrilled by the 2,000 miles ahead of us.

As we get “older” the appeal of driving to TX has gradually diminished. First year…all for it and was super stoked. This year…not as enthusiastic but we got into the vacation mode and made it!

During this break I have lots of work to do regarding my personal business and networking. I also have been feeling more reflective as of lately so I’m sure I’ll do some of that and writing as well.

I am fortunate that even after I’ve graduated I’ve been able to take two weeks off for Christmas/New Years and really take the time to refresh and recharge for the year to come.

The images are below are from visiting Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.