Happy New Years!

Exactly like my post from last year, I am in Texas at Nick’s parent’s house.

2015 was my year of realizing that I want to work for myself and that I like having multiple jobs. I wore many hats this past year which included, wedding photographer, second shooter, photo assistant, digital tech, family photographer, photo editor, and business woman. Since I feel like I’m still trying to figure out what I want to really focus on, I am grateful that I have experienced so many different jobs.

On a personal level, this year was great except for the loss of our bunny, Reuben. We got him in April after Easter from the photo studio I work at, and when we got him neutered in August he passed away. Reuben was the first pet I’ve ever had and the first loss that truely devastated me. Having a bunny really opened up Nick and I to an animal we never even considered and a month after Reuben’s passing we got a new one bunny named Chester…whose the bester. 2016 will mark the two year period of being out of school. Yikes.

Things I’ve Done in 2015

  • visited Yellowstone National Park for the first time and saw my first moose and hundreds of buffalo
  • photographed my first wedding as lead photographer
  • witnessed (and photographed) 32 couples get married
  • got my first pet, experienced the death of said pet, and then got a new one
  • had my first apartment where I had the main say in it’s decor (which doesn’t sound like anything special but it made me really think about what my “style” is)

2016 New Years Goals


  • book 10 weddings as lead
  • book 7 commercial jobs
  • assist 4x/month
  • set up a photoshoot once a month


  • exercise on 3x/week
  • write in journal 2x/week
  • write blog post 1x/week
  • save $100/week
  • floss every day

2016 New Years Resolutions

  • be more mindful about spending
  • keep a clutter-free home > one-in-on-out
  • remember to feel grateful

I actually did fairly well with my resolutions from 2015. I won’t rehash here but hopefully I’ll be able to accomplish these goals and resolutions.

Chester, 2015 from our holiday card shoot Chester, 2015 from our holiday card shoot