It’s probably the third or fourth time we’ve been to Williamstown¬†and each time I’ve embraced it more and more. Nick went to school at Williams College which is one of the reasons we visit. The second reason being it’s beautiful and it’s a small taste of mountain air. This time, we took our two friends to share the experience with. We were planning on sledding but there was barely a drop of snow on the ground. I wonder how much snow we’ll get this year.

Whenever I take any trip, I go through mental pro’s and con’s for bringing my camera. Pro’s – well…I like taking photos, I have a camera for a reason, and it will result in high quality digital files. Con’s – it’s heavy, it’s expensive, and will I actually want to carry it around? Well I did for this trip and I’m glad. I’ve been in a creative rut for basically all of winter so this was a nice refreshing time to take photos.