More Than Halfway

It’s almost March which means there is a foreseeable end to this dead period that is winter. These past couple months have been really slow. This has its pros and cons. Pros – I can relax, I have time to work on my own projects, I have a lot more time and energy to be social. Cons – I don’t feel like I’m working enough, money is kind of tight, and I have time to sit with myself and freak out about what I’m doing with myself. It’s all about striking a balance.

Earlier this month I began planning out my summer/fall with weddings which instantly lifted my mood. Knowing I have 35 weddings this summer, 6 which are my own, actually enables me to relax because I know that once mid-April hits, goodbye Saturdays. I am also attending 3 weddings. So so far…I’ll be in attendance in one form or another at 38 weddings. 5 more than last year.

In my free time I’ve also taken to YouTube-ing. I’ve been focused on trying to build and be aware of other interests I gravitate towards besides photography. I love that I’m pursuing what I love, but I realize I need different things because thinking about photography all the time is exhausting emotionally, mentally, and financially (since I find youtube videos and then want to buy whatever is being talked about).

Yesterday I got a little creative which was extremely rewarding. I need to do more.

Also, here is our bunny Chester and our kitty Max. Max is 4 years old and we adopted him from the New Hampshire SPCA the second week of January! Do the bun and kitty get along? Well…Chester is in the height of puberty so whenever they are free together Chester will chase Max around the house until Max jumps up onto something Chester can’t reach. Which is only the kitchen table. Chester will chase Max onto the couch and the bed.