New Logo!

Up to this point, I designed my own logo and was decently pleased with it. I have some sense of design but it was missing something. My friend recently got her logo professionally designed and like how I want people to entrust a professional for their wedding photos, I decided it was time to entrust a professional with my logo.

My friend recommended me her friend, Miekala Cangelosi, and am so thrilled with the experience and final result. Miekala had me fill out a questionnaire regarding my brand and it really forced me to think about what I want my brand to stand for. It was incredibly refreshing to have someone who doesn’t know me or my work to come in and work with my photos. Through my imagery and descriptions, she really nailed it. I think my new logo compliments the photos and the photos compliment it. They work great together and enable me to pinpoint my aesthetic more than I could beforehand.

Thanks Miekala!