Fujifilm X-T1 vs Sony a7ii

I’ve been in the market for a small high-end digital camera for a while. I have a Canon 5D mark iii for weddings but carrying that when traveling is tiring and mainly HEAVY. Shooting a wedding is fine because that’s literally why I am there, but carrying it when I’m exploring a new place just feels cumbersome and scary because the 5d is expensive.

For the past few days, I had rented out the Sony a7ii with the Zeiss 35mm f/2.8 from Borrow Lenses and the Fufjifilm x-T1 with the 23mm f/1.8 from a fellow wedding photographer. I went out a handful of times shooting during the daytime and into the evening.

After much griping and thinking and asking and reading and watching, I think I am going to go with the Fuijifilm X-T1.

Let’s get into it.

I wanted a small camera that could be a travel camera and then serve as a backup wedding camera. I knew that I would be looking into the Sony a7-series I also had heard of the Fujifilm x-series. I narrowed down the various models to the Sony a7ii and the Fujifilm X-t1.

Shooting with both, it was refreshing working with a smaller body that had the manual capabilities as the 5d. The Sony definitely felt more digital and felt like the direction digital photography is going. The dials were fairly small but they were placed intuitively. The Fujifilm has a retro feel which at first, I was skeptical of, but shooting with it I came to enjoy. Both the viewfinders are digital so any adjustments you make you can see how it affects the exposure of the image. I found that the Fujifilm viewfinder was a bit richer than the Sony. However, in post production the Sony raw files did have more information…which brings me to my next point.

There is no doubt that Sony produces higher quality imagery. The Sony has a full sensor while the Fuijifilm has a cropped sensor. So why would I pick a camera with a cropped sensor and less megapixels? It’s all about balance. I’m not going to pretend to try and explain it so just read this. I think it’s a good read and a good explanation for the balance Fujifilm has created with their x-series.

All in all, for the price of the Fujifilm you get a banging good camera and excellent raw files. I really enjoy the retro feel and LOVE how small it is….though that’s true for all these small mirrorless cameras. For the cost of the Sony a7ii body, I can get a Fujifilm body with two prime lenses. I think what I’ve concluded by the end of this little adventure is that a mirrorless camera is hard to stand up to a DSLR for autofocusing which is important for candids at weddings. I have a Canon 60D which is a good backup and when I have more funds, I will buy another 5d body.

Can’t wait to add this to my circuit of cameras!

Below are images shot with the Fujifilm.