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If you follow my Instagram, you’ll see that we are currently in Paris; however, before Paris we visited a couple of other areas of Switzerland. After Lucerne we drove to Locarno, which is in the south of Switzerland by Italy. Driving through the Swiss Alps was incredible. It was like Colorado on steroids. The Swiss also loves their tunnels. Instead of doing cut-backs on the side of the mountains,¬†we were driving through tunnels. One of the tunnels we drove through is the Gotthard Tunnel, which is 9.3 miles and is the longest tunnel I think I’ve ever driven.

Walking around Locarno felt like we were in Italy. Compared to Lucerne, there was barely anyone around which was a nice break. For dinner, we found some delicious pizza and then got some gelato on the way home. Back in the hotel, we caught up on Game of Thrones.