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Our third stop in Switzerland was Zermatt to see the Matterhorn. The drive from Locarno¬†to there was about 2 hours, which is short for what we’ve been used to. Unfortunately due to the weather, we were unable to drive through an incredible mountain pass.¬†Instead we took an awesome car-train that took us through the mountains. The road then took us through a huge valley passing tons of small towns. The small town feel was very similar to driving out in the desert except these ones felt more wealthy than in America.

The goal of the day was to see the Matterhorn which is located in Zermatt, Switzerland. In order to get there you have to park at Tasch, the town next door, and then take the train in. Zermatt is an incredibly wealthy ski area but at this time of year it was completely empty. It was cool being able to walk around through people’s backyards and seeing almost no one. The only people around were the locals and the construction workers working on the fancy houses.

When we got in it was so cloudy, our chances were slim to none to seeing the mountain. For 3 hours, we sat watching the clouds. Every time we tried to leave, the clouds would slowly roll away revealing more of the mountain we had yet to see. At the most exciting part of the viewing, the clouds slowly began revealing the peak of the mountain. It was 3x higher than what I was expecting and it was incredible to witness. I definitely plan on coming back to see it in full and to take the funicular to the get even closer!