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Savisse and Geneva

While summer has not technically started – only four days away – work has gone into full swing; hence, the very…very delayed postings about the rest of our European adventure last month.

I’m retracing my steps from Paris to share the images from our last day in Switzerland. We spent the last evening in Savisse in this old-home-turned-bed-and-breakfast. There was an orange cat that looked just like our cat back home! We called him French-Max. Yes, we weren’t in France but we were in the French part of Switzerland. The town was up in the clouds with the windiest, narrowest streets. I wish we had had more time to spend there but in the morning, we had to drive straight to Geneva to return our rental car.

We got to Geneva at around noon and then spent the next five hours exploring before our train to Paris. Geneva was the only real city we saw in Switzerland and certainly felt like it. It was less calming than the countryside but still fun to walk around in.

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