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This summer, Nick and I are going to our first weddings together as a couple. So aside from shooting however many I’m shooting, I have three to go to as a guest. This first one was at the end of June in Virginia for Nick’s brother.

During our mini vacation, we visited the USS Wisconsin, which docks right next to the Nauticus Museum in Norfolk, VA. It was quite similar to when I visited the USS Massachusetts in Fall River. The morning of the wedding, which I’m not used to only showing up for the ceremony and reception, we drove to Virginia beach and walked around. It was super windy which was great. I love blustery beaches.

The wedding itself was very nice and maybe I shed a tear. I also couldn’t help but watch the wedding photographer. They had a bbq truck pull up to the reception room from which they cooked and served the food and it was amazing. It was a different type of bbq since we were right over the boarder into North Carolina, but I will take whatever bbq I can get!

On our drive back we made one last stop to Ocean City. We ate at this amazing crab shack where we briefly talked to the owner about crabbing. I love talking to other small business owners and while her business is quite different from my own, there were similarities I could totally relate to.