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We are moving! I still keep wanting to pinch myself to make sure this is real. I don’t know where to begin talking about moving so I’ll start with how we came to this conclusion. Warning: long post, lots of words, thinking out loud. 

Work disclaimer: I am still taking weddings for 2017 in Boston and will be flying back and forth next summer as I transition my business from Boston to Denver. 

Why Now?

It essentially started back when Nick was a 2L in law school and he kicked the idea of transferring to a Colorado law school and finishing his degree there. The seed had been planted but little did I know thee years later we’d be doing it. At that time, we chose not to because logistically it really didn’t make sense. I was in my last year of undergrad, Nick was in the throngs of grad school and we weren’t even living together at that point. Jump to the next year in February, one of my best friends moves and the itch for us to move compounds one-thousand fold. At this point we’ve been living together. Nick’s in his last semester of law school and I’m in my first job out of college being a studio assistant for a wedding photographer. Law school ends and Nick moves to full time tutoring. During the next year, we keep tossing the idea around but it doesn’t stick – happy in our jobs, scared to move, still like Boston, etc.

Now we’re up to July 2016, so last month. Nick has his one year review at his tutoring company which is the loose benchmark we’ve given ourselves. We decide that the outcome of the review could be the catalyst to moving. He has kept saying that wants to start his own tutoring company and moving would be the perfect start for that. I can do my work anywhere and it’s just a matter of being there to get it going. Speaking from experience in starting my own business, I am a huge proponent of Nick starting his own and know that now is the time to try it, when our only responsibilities are feeding ourselves and our pets.

In every discussion about this, I’ve always said “This is our time”. It sounds really hokey but I deeply feel that. Our jobs are established but not so established that we’re loosing everything by leaving. Our friends are here but we are confident that we can maintain them long distance. My parents are still here but I know they are not moving anytime soon so that won’t change no matter when we move. The biggest reasoning for me that really became apparent within this last year is that I’ve realized how important it is for myself to live somewhere else other than the place I grew up. Seeing my brother move cross country when I was in college and then my friend do the same shortly after we graduated have both teased me in the real possibility of being able to do so and knowing that I can stay connected even though I’m miles away.

The outcome of Nick’s review went well but ultimately, we decided this is our time!

Why Colorado?

Both Nick and I have been to Colorado and loved it. We have done a couple trips in and around Denver and each separately have visited through school associated trips. The summer before my senior year I got a scholarship to attend a workshop at Anderson Ranch up in Snowmass Village. It was such a wonderful workshop and driving around the mountains to take pictures was absolutely amazing. During Nick’s 3L year, he was granted funding to conduct a research trip in Breckenridge and Boulder. HIs experience was similar to mine in that he loved being in the mountains.

Together, we’ve explored Breckenridge and Denver and just really connected with the area. We love the proximity Denver has to its surrounding national parks – some of which we’ve been to and some of which we haven’t. Our love for mountains is un-matching to any other type of landscape and is something neither of us have ever lived near. We love the focus of healthy living that Denver has and the general more relaxed feel of the area. While we will be much further away from my parents, we will be closer to Nick’s parents in Texas and my brother in Oregon.

What are we going to do there?

Good question. Just kidding, we have plans! I will be working on relocating my business as a wedding photographer. For next summer, I will be taking weddings in Boston and Denver as I transition my business. Nick will be focused on building his company from the ground up with a focus on in person tutoring in Denver and the surrounding areas as well as online Skype tutoring.


Earlier this month, we flew to Denver to apartment hunt. We had 48 hours in the city and man was it stressful. Luckily though we found a place that is right downtown. It’s n all amenity building which is something neither of us have experienced before so we figure, let’s try it! We also chose to live downtown because being new to a city, we didn’t want to feel isolated and alone out in the suburbs.

We will be driving out there with our pets and a trailer in two weeks. I will then be flying back to Boston to live with my parents and then drive out in November once my weddings are done.


If you’ve made it this far, good for you for getting through all my words. You will now be rewarded with pretty pictures. Not of our new apartment though because strangely enough, I didn’t take ANY while we were touring it. I think I was too anxious about getting one that it didn’t even cross my mind as a thing I could do. These are pictures though of our awesome hostel, Hostel Fish, we stayed in while apartment hunting. This is the first time I’ve stayed in a hostel. I had the third-tier bunk which was a bitch to get into but was really comfy once I was in it. We definitely weren’t in the most social mood that a hostel enables you to be in because we were mildly stressed about finding a place, but the accommodations were very nice and I felt comfortable hanging out and reading in the common areas.