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Two Days to Denver

Three weeks ago, we set out on our drive to Denver. Leaving at 10pm and driving through the night, we made it to our new apartment in two days, one night. Originally the plan was to have two nights on the road but we were making good time and wanted to just get there.

The day we left, we still had a lot to do. The biggest challenge was our couch. Our first couch together…found on the side of the street. I don’t know how we got it into the apartment because getting it out was rough. We were thinking about the possibility of bringing the couch with us but once we decided we weren’t towing a trailer, we thought it’d be easer breaking it to get it out of the apartment. Well, easier said than done. About 2 hours later, a lot of sweat, and team moral at an all time low, we twisted the couch in half and shoved it through the door, down the steps, and onto the side of the street. After that, everything slowly came together as we packed up, loaded the car, and cleaned the apartment. By the end of the night we were just so glad to be done it didn’t even matter that we were about to drive through the night.

All images shot with my iPhone.

Above: Start of the trip. Below: The next morning. About 7 hours after the first picture. Above: Start of the trip. Below: The next morning. About 7 hours after the first picture.

We drove in 4-hour shifts, which was about the equivalent of a tank of gas. We had lots of music, a lot of coffee, and snacks. The pets did amazing. Chester, being a bunny, never makes noise so as pissed off as he probably was we didn’t hear it. Max gently meowed for a while but our music drained him out. By the next morning, he just got tired and slept. For our night in the hotel, we stayed at a La Quinta in Iowa. Fun fact: all La Quinta’s are all pet friendly and don’t require any pet fees!

The next day we took our time waking up and getting out. On the road, I thought it would be good to get the key and figure out the lay of the land before we were to move in the next day. That turned into moving in that evening so we could just be there, save money from another hotel stay, and get the pets set up.


Our next big thing to sort out was our bed. Since we had left the mattress and couch in Boston, we had nothing to sleep on that night. So once we got into the apartment, we went over to ikea and bought a futon. Well, we bought the mattress of the futon. The next day, we rented a uHaul van and bought the rest of the furniture we needed for our apartment. By this time, I had two days left in Denver so in that time we built most of the furniture, built Chester’s new cage, and set up the apartment.




On our last day, we decided to drive to Rocky Mountain National Park to remind us why we moved out to Colorado: the Rockies. It was absolutely incredible and the fact that it was an hour-and-a-half drive was surreal.

I have about six weeks left in Boston and then I’m driving out with my stuff. I am currently in Arlington living with my parents. I joke that by the time I leave they’ll be sick of me and will be relieved to see me go, hah! I haven’t really thought about the fact that I’m leaving for good because there’s still a lot going on here. I’m sure come January when I’m not in Boston, I’ll realize that I’ve actually moved.