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    Sam + Jason | Edgecomb Maine

    When Sam approached me about shooting her wedding I was stoked. Having gone to art school with Sam, I knew her wedding would be beautifully decorated and thoughtful. Sam and Jason’s outdoor soiree was nothing short of perfection. They used their family friend’s property which had a beautiful old barn and waterfront access. Give me fields and greenery all day every day. Congratulations Sam and Jason!    

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    The Holidays in Texas

    This past Christmas we did our annual trip to Texas to visit and stay with Nick’s parents. This was our fourth year doing so and we’ve been lucky to be able to have the time off to spend 2 weeks there every time. Our time there is spent hanging around the house in our PJ’s and eating lots of food. On one of our last days, we visited the Dallas Aquarium and Deep Ellum, a neighborhood of Dallas. For the New Year, we decided to come back to Denver so we could celebrate in our new home. New Years Eve we spent cooking chili and guacamole, watching Harry Potter, and then watching the…

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    2017 New Years Resolutions

    It’s always risky making resolutions publicly because if you don’t meet them you can feel silly about it. A lot of my resolutions this year are similar, not intentionally, to the ones I made for last year. For my work 2016 resolutions I on average kept up with all of them with the exception of the last one, scheduling a photoshoot once a month. For my personal resolutions I did 3 out of 5 of them. The two I didn’t do was floss every day and journal everyday. Like last year, I’ll divide them into two groupings: work and personal. Let’s go!!!   Work book 5 Colorado weddings blog 3x/month second shoot…

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