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    One of the reasons we moved to Colorado was to be able to escape to the mountains for a quick trip. Earlier this month, we did just that and chose Breckenridge! Since we had work to do and couldn’t fully unplug, we brought our laptops and worked in a couple of the very cute coffee shops that Breckenridge has to offer. As a work break, we walked around the town and took in the fresh air and mountains. Frisco, the town right before Breckenridge, had more restaurants open than Breckenridge (since a lot of the restaurants in Breckenridge had closed for the winter and not yet re-opened for summer), so we ended up…

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    BOS > DEN

    We are moving! I still keep wanting to pinch myself to make sure this is real. I don’t know where to begin talking about moving so I’ll start with how we came to this conclusion. Warning: long post, lots of words, thinking out loud.  Work disclaimer: I am still taking weddings for 2017 in Boston and will be flying back and forth next summer as I transition my business from Boston to Denver.  Why Now? It essentially started back when Nick was a 2L in law school and he kicked the idea of transferring to a Colorado law school and finishing his degree there. The seed had been planted but little…

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    This summer, Nick and I are going to our first weddings together as a couple. So aside from shooting however many I’m shooting, I have three to go to as a guest. This first one was at the end of June in Virginia for Nick’s brother. During our mini vacation, we visited the USS Wisconsin, which docks right next to the Nauticus Museum in Norfolk, VA. It was quite similar to when I visited the USS Massachusetts in Fall River. The morning of the wedding, which I’m not used to only showing up for the ceremony and reception, we drove to Virginia beach and walked around. It was super windy which was great. I…

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    Paris Pt. II

    The wedding season so far has been amazing and incredibly busy. I’ve spent the day culling a couple weddings and designing an album; however, I needed to break to share the rest of my photos from our Europe trip back in May. This is the successor to Paris Pt. I. In the last two days of our trip, we went to the Pompidou, at night we watched the Eiffel tower light up and then went up the ferris wheel. My goal before the end of the trip was to get some elevation to see the city. We luckily found that at the top of the Pompidou and at the top…

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    Savisse and Geneva

    While summer has not technically started – only four days away – work has gone into full swing; hence, the very…very delayed postings about the rest of our European adventure last month. I’m retracing my steps from Paris to share the images from our last day in Switzerland. We spent the last evening in Savisse in this old-home-turned-bed-and-breakfast. There was an orange cat that looked just like our cat back home! We called him French-Max. Yes, we weren’t in France but we were in the French part of Switzerland. The town was up in the clouds with the windiest, narrowest streets. I wish we had had more time to spend there but…

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    Paris Pt. I

    It’s been nonstop work from the second we landed back in Boston, so it’s about time I post some more photos from our trip to Europe. I just realized also as I’m making this blog post that I forgot to post about Savisse and Geneva…so…we’ll swing back around at some point. Our trip was broken up into two parts. Road trip-ing around Switzerland (Lucerne, Locarno, Zermatt, Savisse, and Geneva), and then staying with my parents in Paris. They are currently on their way back from a one month stay in Paris and graciously invited us to stay with them for a few days. They rented a small one bedroom apartment…

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    Our third stop in Switzerland was Zermatt to see the Matterhorn. The drive from Locarno to there was about 2 hours, which is short for what we’ve been used to. Unfortunately due to the weather, we were unable to drive through an incredible mountain pass. Instead we took an awesome car-train that took us through the mountains. The road then took us through a huge valley passing tons of small towns. The small town feel was very similar to driving out in the desert except these ones felt more wealthy than in America. The goal of the day was to see the Matterhorn which is located in Zermatt, Switzerland. In order to…

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    If you follow my Instagram, you’ll see that we are currently in Paris; however, before Paris we visited a couple of other areas of Switzerland. After Lucerne we drove to Locarno, which is in the south of Switzerland by Italy. Driving through the Swiss Alps was incredible. It was like Colorado on steroids. The Swiss also loves their tunnels. Instead of doing cut-backs on the side of the mountains, we were driving through tunnels. One of the tunnels we drove through is the Gotthard Tunnel, which is 9.3 miles and is the longest tunnel I think I’ve ever driven. Walking around Locarno felt like we were in Italy. Compared to Lucerne,…

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    It feels pretty surreal writing this as I am sitting on our hotel porch*** overlooking Locarno as it bends around Lake Maggiore. Yesterday, we flew into Zurich at around noon and drove to our first destination, Lucerne. It was a great introduction to Switzerland, and Europe! I have never been before and I am thrilled and grateful to be traveling with my partner in crime and to be meeting up with my parents in Paris in a few days. Our hotel, Hotel Rebstock, was perfectly tucked away on a side street only steps away from the main bustle of downtown. We dropped our things and immediately took a well needed…

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    Fall River

    Yesterday was the first time I’ve ever been to Fall River. My friend/manager at the portrait studio I seasonally work at lives there and it was about time we visited her. We had planned this a while back so rain would not stop this adventure. In the torrential downpour, we visited Battleship Cove. The rain and wind made it a crazy the experience and I can now confirm that my Fujifilm is indeed weather-sealed.